ALERT: If any of the entered information required does not match the information on file with your credit card or health savings account (HSA) company, this transaction will be declined by your financial institution.

Please be sure to use the correct zip code that the card company has on file for you.

Please also confirm that your HSA card has sufficient funds available for payment or this transaction will be declined by your HSA company.

If your transaction is declined, please do not attempt more than twice. If your transaction is declined, please contact our Billing Office during normal business hours at 941-312-5027.

Premier Dermatology and all of our affiliate locations bill with the group national provider identification number (NPI) 1700202298. When verifying participation please utilize this group information for valid participation status.

Premier Dermatology follows National billing standards mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for all visits to our office locations.

Patients seen at any location will be receiving statements from Premier Dermatology and can contact our billing staff 941-312-5027 regarding any billing questions or issues.  We are happy to answer any questions regarding your insurance claims and payment processing.

If you experience multiple declined transactions while attempting to process your payment, please contact our Billing Office at 941-312-5027. Repeated declined transactions could lead to your bank issuing a hold on your credit/debit card.